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As a company, we strive to be “visibly the best” in anything we do.
In the actual challenging business and social environment conditions, we made it our goal to engage in the production of masks with superior characteristics compared to what is readily available in the market, thereby contributing to the safety of our community. 
Wearing a facemask reduces the spread of viruses and bacteria in the community, not only the Covid-19 virus !  
By offering comfortable, stylish and safe reusable masks, we make it easier for everyone to contribute to a safer community. After all, these days it is all about “we…, not me” !

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Community Mask Features 

Washable over 20 times at 60°C in a washing machine

When wearing a mask bacteria and viruses accumulate on the surface and in between the fibers of the fabric. The only way to effectively remove and kill them is to wash the mask at 60°C in a washing machine.  At a lower temperature viruses and bacteria will not be killed.

Our masks can be washed multiple times in a washing machine at 60°C, without shrinkage or color fading, so you can safely wear them day after day. Polyester fabric doesn’t wrinkle much when washing, but if you like to iron the masks you can do so.  Using steam will add an additional layer of safety in keeping the mask clean and safe to use.

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